Parlor City LAN 3.0 is less than 10 days away!

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so by visiting – With that said, we want to inform/remind you of a few things:


– 10:00 am Doors Open & Event Begins
– 01:00 pm Grub Giveaway/Mystery Tournament
– 04:00 pm Heroes of the Storm Tournament
– 07:00 pm CS: GO Tournament
– 10:00 pm Hearthstone Tournament

– 12:00 am Cards Against Humanity
– 02:00 am Building Lock Down & Quiet Time
– 08:00 am Doors Reopen/Keyboard Waffles until 10 am
– 10:00 am Rocket League Tournament
– 12:00 pm Team Fortress 2 Tournament
– 03:00 pm LoL Tournament

Event Highlights:

– Tournaments (see below)
– Prizes & Grub Giveaway
– 550MB/550MB fiber optic internet provided by Adamswells Internet
– Keyboard Waffles will be severed for breakfast Sunday morning! We are the first LAN party to be sponsored by TKWI, and you won’t want to miss them!
– Quiet Room for sleepers to set up cots, sleeping bags, and air mattresses (please be set up by midnight to not disturb anyone)
– Free showers in the locker rooms – bring all toiletries and a towel to use them
– Free snacks will include: caramel corn, potato skins, chips and cookies
– Drinks can be purchased for $2 for unlimited refills of pop and water


– CS: GO 5v5 Bomb Scenario (BO3 matches/final BO3)
– TF2 5v5 Control Point (BO3 matches/final BO3)
– Hearthstone 1v1 (BO3 matches/final BO3)
– HOTS 5v5 (single game-matches/final BO3)
– Rocket League 3v3 (BO3 matches/final BO5)
– League of Legends (single game-matches/final BO3)
– Mystery – Announced during event