Hello, gamers. I have decided to start this website after years of consideration and desire to help build the LANParty community again. In the past, I have volunteered for two LANParty websites that are now defunct (http://www.LANParty.com and http://www.LANPartyCoalition.com).

I love going to LANParties, helping promote the great things about them, and what makes each party an entertaining, fun and unique experience. I want to help any party of any size reach their goals and audience. My only goal is to assist in growing the community as much as I can by having a place LANParties can promote their events with press releases, promo videos and whatever unique ways people can come up with. I would hope that this website will be an exchange of gamers going from party to party and also as a way to help event organizers from having multiple parties on the same weekend in an area. These two things will help grow the community. I’ve seen it before, and I’d love to see it again.

Gamers come and go, but LANParties are forever.

If you are running a LANParty and have an event scheduled, please click on “Submit a LANParty” and fill out the form. Just submit your event and it will be listed on the site once the information has been approved. If an attendee from your event submits your LANParty to us, that’s ok also. We will check each submission to verify the information is accurate before it gets added to the site, too. For any additional information please contact lanpartyexchange@gmail.com.