LANWAR 58 has 300+ attendees



LANWAR 58 is January 15-17 and they just hit 300 gamers paid and registered! Only 50 paid attendees until they giveaway 7 seats. They have Zalman, SteelSeries, Bawls and CPU Magazine as sponsors so far.


Official Tournaments at LANWAR 58 will be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 5v5 and League of Legends (Free Download) for team tournaments. With Hearthstone (Free Download), Super Smash Bros Wii U, and TrackMania Nations Forever (Free Download) for non team based gaming.

LANWAR also has loads of Un-official (Fun) Tournaments. Some of which are Duct Tape Wars, Heroes of the Storm, Rocket League, Settlers of Catan, SpeedRunners, Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void, and Texas Holdem. Of these tournaments, TheLPX will be running the Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void tournament and assisting Spatula City with the Rocket League tournament.

Fat Pipe

LANWAR via their Facebook page mentions they have 1Gbps symmetric pipe (so 1Gbps Up and 1Gbps Down). That way you can stream as much as you want. They warn however, that even a 1Gbps pipe can get saturated (especially early in the event) when everyone is downloading new games on steam so please help avoid that by updating your games before the event.

Parlor City LAN 3.0 is less than 10 days away!

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so by visiting – With that said, we want to inform/remind you of a few things:


– 10:00 am Doors Open & Event Begins
– 01:00 pm Grub Giveaway/Mystery Tournament
– 04:00 pm Heroes of the Storm Tournament
– 07:00 pm CS: GO Tournament
– 10:00 pm Hearthstone Tournament

– 12:00 am Cards Against Humanity
– 02:00 am Building Lock Down & Quiet Time
– 08:00 am Doors Reopen/Keyboard Waffles until 10 am
– 10:00 am Rocket League Tournament
– 12:00 pm Team Fortress 2 Tournament
– 03:00 pm LoL Tournament

Event Highlights:

– Tournaments (see below)
– Prizes & Grub Giveaway
– 550MB/550MB fiber optic internet provided by Adamswells Internet
– Keyboard Waffles will be severed for breakfast Sunday morning! We are the first LAN party to be sponsored by TKWI, and you won’t want to miss them!
– Quiet Room for sleepers to set up cots, sleeping bags, and air mattresses (please be set up by midnight to not disturb anyone)
– Free showers in the locker rooms – bring all toiletries and a towel to use them
– Free snacks will include: caramel corn, potato skins, chips and cookies
– Drinks can be purchased for $2 for unlimited refills of pop and water


– CS: GO 5v5 Bomb Scenario (BO3 matches/final BO3)
– TF2 5v5 Control Point (BO3 matches/final BO3)
– Hearthstone 1v1 (BO3 matches/final BO3)
– HOTS 5v5 (single game-matches/final BO3)
– Rocket League 3v3 (BO3 matches/final BO5)
– League of Legends (single game-matches/final BO3)
– Mystery – Announced during event

NeXus LAN 16 is SOLD OUT!

NeXus LAN 16 event is days away and SOLD OUT!

The tournaments for NeXus LAN 16 will be the following:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 5v5 – Sponsored by Plantronics
Heroes of the Storm 5v5 – Sponsored by Enermax / LEPA
Rocket League 3v3 – Sponsored by Be Quiet!
Team Fortress 2 5v5 – Sponsored by Thermaltake
Mortal Kombat X 1v1 – Sponsored by TRENDNet
Magic the Gathering Card tournament – Sponsored by The Game Haven
Halloween Costume Contest – Sponsored by Coolermaster
Cards Against Humanity Card Tournament – Sponsored by P3 Computers Cards & Games

Other sponsors on board for NeXus LAN 16 include, Supermicro, Silverstone, FSP Group, Seasonic, In-Win, Cherry, Icy Dock, CPU Magazine, LAN OC Reviews, Nvidia, Gamdias, Nerdvana Clothing, and Martin Solutions.

Nexus LAN < 15 seats left

For those of you who haven’t been to Nexus LAN, you totally need to go. And if you wanting to attend their next event on October 3-4, you really need to hurry, they have less than 15 seats still available. It’s a great all around party and I personally can’t wait to have a pizza from the Moose Lodge where the event is hosted.

Also if you like free stuff, Nexus LAN is giving away a copy of Rocket League over on their Facebook page.

Wichita LAN 29

Wichita LAN 29 will be held Saturday, 8-8-15 at 12:00pm in CDT to Sunday, 8-9-15 at 12:00pm.

Entry is only $5! Raffle tickets will be available to purchase for better chance of winning some of our awesome swag from our sponsors!

Great prizes from our sponsors
SilverStone Technology
Be quiet! (English)
No Scope Glasses

and more to be announced!

Check out their website at or their Facebook for more rules and information.

Parlor City LAN 2.0 is Next Weekend!

Parlor City LAN 2.0 is next weekend and I cannot wait to go. Great current tournaments (Hearthstone, League of Legends and CS:GO) as well as a throwback tournament (UT2k4), which I will surely be slaughtered in. The complete schedule of gaming hours and tournaments is below.

Parlor City LAN Schedule

Parlor City LAN 2.0 also has the coolest and most original sponsorship that I’ve seen in a long time “The Keyboard Waffle Iron”. I think it should be said that whoever wins this price must make waffles on Sunday morning.

Two other great unique features to Parlor City LAN is their 125MB symmetrical fiber provided by Adamswells and a venue that has showers available on site to help gamers avoid the cost of a hotel for those traveling out of town.

If everything mentioned above doesn’t have you interested, maybe the super cheap price of $20 for 32 hours of gaming will do it for ya. That $20 also includes free snacks too with “All-You-Can-Drink” soda for $2 more. What more could you want from a LANParty? Register for Parlor City LAN 2.0 NOW!

Welcome to TheLPX, The LANParty Exchange

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